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Discover Mallorca and the Colonia de Sant Jordi with Edificio Prinicpe

The Edificio Principe is located in the colony of Sant Jordi, only 30 minutes from the airport. It is one of the most appreciated tourist areas on the island of Mallorca. It is located in the extreme south of the island and offers tourist attractions for every taste. From underwater excursions for the bravest, to fantastic beaches and natural parks, to relaxation and enjoyment with your family, this is why we inform you about some of the most recommended sights on the island – discover Mallorca with us!


A small cove located very close to the Edificio Principe. Its white sandy beaches are ideal for resting and relaxing. The bay is also an ideal place to take a stroll, as the paths that border the sea offer spectacular views. As it is a bay, the water of the beach is calm, but rather deep due to the hillside location. A few metres from Cala Galiota are the beaches of El Puerto, Es Dolç, Es Carbó, Es Marqués and Es Trenc. They are all among the most beautiful on the island.

Lighthouse ofSes Salines

If you want to enjoy an impressive sunrise, do not hesitate to visit the lighthouse of Ses Salines. Situated on the Cape of Ses Salines, it is the closest point to Africa on the island. In good weather conditions you can even see the contours of Formentera in the distance. In fact, it is the perfect place for excursions if you like idyllic landscapes.

If you park your car at the lighthouse, you can make 2 excursions, one leading from the lighthouse to Colonia de Sant Jordi (just over 2 hours walk) and passing Es Caragol Beach, Cala En Tugores, Es Carbó, Es Dolç and Es Port. The other route leads from the lighthouse to Cala Marmols, also a beautiful beach. It takes about an hour and a half by foot.

CabreraNational Park

During your stay at Colonia de Sant Jordi, a visit to the Cabrera National Park is a must. It is a group of islands that can be reached by boat and is inhabited by all Mallorcan fauna and flora. From the colony there are daily boats and guided tours to the park, so don’t miss this experience!


And if you want more during your visit to the National Park, head for the Cabrera Archipelago Visitor Centre. It is a complex of buildings, distinguished by its design, including an aquarium where you can discover more than 200 species native to the Balearic lakes.

There is also a 500 m² mural by Miguel Mansanet, where you can discover the history of Mediterranean civilization in various scenes. Finally, the visit to the centre includes a virtual tour of the architecture of Álvaro Planchuelo.

Salt Mountains ofSes Salines

A visit to Ses Salines is also indispensable during your stay at Edificio Principe. And no, we are not referring to the municipality where the colony of Sant Jordi is located, although it is a beautiful place to visit. We mean the salt mountains that are on the island and that give their name to the area. The name goes back to the old salt mines (the second oldest in the world) from the 4th century BC and means “salt spring”. Punic traders began to use these mountains with pure salt, and later Arabs, Byzantines, Christians and above all Roman invaders used them to produce high-quality salt.

Today they are the perfect place to get to the bottom of the history of Ses Salines and learn a little more about the birds of the area. It is not for nothing that Ses Salines is a meeting place for birdwatchers from all over the world and is known as the Area of Special Landscape and Rural Interest.

And if you want to know what else there is to discover in the Colonia de Sant Jordi, don’t hesitate to write us, we will be happy to advise you: Discover Mallorca with us and don’t miss anything!

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